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Poems and publications

Everything Blue, Even You - Stoneboat Literary Journal

Chanting Kaddish for My Estranged Father, Thimble Literary Magazine

At Jewish Summer Camp, Minyan Magazine

Simchat Torah War - New Verse News

Dragonfly Puzzle Box - Burningword Literary Journal (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

Sweeter Than Today - Silver Birch Press (Spices and Seasonings Series)

Dear Facebook - Griffel

On the Orange Barstool - Griffel

A Better Mother - Griffel

When I hear my sister did not attend my father's funeral - Anti-Heroin Chic

Flutter and Fight - Sheila-Na-Gig Online

You'll Amount to Nothing - 805 Lit + Art

{meno/pause} - the louisville review

Unclothed By Death -Third Wednesday

1.5 Degrees Celsius - Mobius, The Journal of Social Change (Nominated for Best of the Net)

Meniscus of Warmth and Silence - Tipton Poetry Review

Cold Front - Sequestrum

What to Think Of - Sequestrum

Milk & Skin - Sequestrum 

Nothing Broken Can Be Returned - deLuge Journal

In Miracles - Minyan Magazine (Nominated for Best New Poets)

Bread and Strangers - Sheila-Na-Gig Online

Shell Collector - Wild Roof Journal

Game Theory - Red Fez (Nominated for Best of the Net)

Every Blackberry Returns Me - Red Fez

Words in My Mouth - Sh*t Men Say to Me Anthology

Expiration Date - Blue Lake Review

How Not to Disappear (Pandemic Style) - Silver Birch Press: How To Series

Taste of Praise - Shark Reef

Devourer - The Coachella Review

Safe House - Persephone's Daughters (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize and  Best of the Net)

Driving With My Daughter - Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing

Sweet Time - Writing In A Woman's Voice

My Daughter Calls - Prometheus Dreaming  (Nominated for Best of the Net)

No Escape - Panoply, A Literary Zine

Binary Confinement - Shards

Weather Report - The Ekphrastic Review

This is not a protest poem
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